The Best Way To Network At Worldwide AI Hackathon: Discord

Networking is more than just a buzzword. It’s not about small talk and shallow conversations but establishing and maintaining relationships with like-minded people and putting yourself out there. With thousands of participants from different parts of the world attending the Worldwide AI Hackathon, this event is a wonderful opportunity for you to build rapport with other brilliant AI talents. Besides our end-to-end platform, Discord is an awesome place for networking. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can capitalize on the benefits of networking on Discord. 

Start networking by joining our Discord channel

The first step is to join the official Discord community of the Worldwide AI Hackathon. This is where you'll find other participants, and you can start connecting with them and sharing your ideas. You'll also have access to all the latest updates and information about the hackathon when navigating through our whole Discord.

Introduce yourself

Once you've joined our Discord, take some time to introduce yourself to other participants via the #networking channel. Share your background, interests, and what you hope to achieve at the hackathon. This will help other participants get to know you better and start building relationships.

Connect with mentors and other participants

Discord is the easiest way to connect with your future mentors. All mentors of the Worldwide AI Hackathon will be available via the #find-a-mentor channel so you can head over and start engaging with them by indicating which expertise you are looking for in your mentor. 
If you haven’t got a team, right above the #find-your-mentors section are the #find-your-teammates channels. Here you can interact with other contestants who haven’t found their team either. The #find-a-teammate channel is for general inquiry in case you haven’t selected your competition of interest. The other three are for contestants who already know which challenge they are participating in.

Utilize direct messages (DMs)

In addition to participating in channels, you can also use DMs to connect with mentors and other participants. This is a more personal way to connect and build relationships with them. You can do so by clicking on the person’s username and sending him/her a message.
DMs allow you to have one-on-one conversations with mentors and other contestants. If you’re building a team, private conversations are the best way to learn about each other without the worry of spamming other people. 
In case you’ve read about a mentor who you would like to receive guidance from, you can also reach out to him/her privately, and ask about their expertise and availability to get the ball rolling. 

Use calls

In addition to text-based communication, Discord also offers voice and video calls. This is a great way to connect with people in the community in real time and have more in-depth conversations. 
Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology has found that calls create stronger bonds than text-based communications. Our voices have been proven to express a wide range of emotions, which aids in mutual understanding and increases our capacity for empathy. In fact, according to at least one research, voice-only contacts may be preferable to ones that involve video because they make it easier for individuals to properly understand the emotions of others. So give people a call (with their consent) if you are seeking to build relationships faster.
Networking is a vital component of the Worldwide AI Hackathon, and Discord provides a seamless platform for participants to connect and collaborate. With its user-friendly interface, real-time communication, organized channels, and voice and video calls, Discord makes it easy for participants to connect with each other, share ideas and build meaningful relationships. So, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to network with the brightest minds in AI!
Register to join Worldwide AI Hackathon and be a member of our Discord community to start making connections today!