5 Questions To Ask Before Submitting Your Worldwide AI Hackathon Results

The Worldwide AI Hackathon is a premier event that brings together the brightest minds in AI from around the globe. As a participant, the hackathon can be overwhelming but with the right preparation and mindset, you can ensure that your solution meets the standards of the hackathon and increase your chances of winning. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the essential questions to ask yourself before submitting your results.

How innovative is your solution?

Since hackathons were designed in pursuit of innovative solutions, one of the most important aspect to consider before submitting your results is whether your solution is truly innovative. By that we mean how groundbreaking it is? Does it add a new outlook on the problem and invite further discussion? Or does it tell the audience something they already know? 

How functional is it?

Another important question to ask before submitting your results is whether your solution is functional. No matter how original and seemingly-disruptive your solution is, if it’s not functional and cannot be implemented in the real world, it won’t matter.
To evaluate how feasible your solution is, test and evaluate its performance in advance. Involve everyone in your team and ask for help from Worldwide AI Hackathon’s mentor if necessary. A functional solution should be able to perform the tasks it was designed to do and work as intended.

How creative is your idea?

This is an equally prominent question to ask. It's important to evaluate whether your solution is trailblazing and not just a slight variation of an existing solution. This can be done by researching similar solutions and comparing them to your own. An innovative solution should not only be novel but also has the potential to solve a problem that what’s already out there cannot.

How feasible is it to implement?

Before submitting your results, question if your solution can be practically implemented. You should test this by researching the resources and technology required to implement your solution and evaluating its scalability. Don’t forget to factor in the estimated budget to put it out in the market as well and see if there’s a better alternative. A solution that can be practically implemented should be able to be used in the real world and have the potential to solve a problem in a meaningful way.

Can your solution benefit our society?

The last question to ask is if your product has the potential to benefit humanity. 
We’re sure when you come up with a solution and build a product, you don’t build it for fun. You want it to make a positive impact and help alleviate someone else’s struggles. So make sure to assess if your solution benefit the society by researching deeply the problem and evaluating the solution’s potential societal impact. 
In conclusion, innovation, functionality, creativity, practical implementation and benefit to humanity are the factors to take into account before you submit your outputs to Worldwide AI Hackathon judges. By evaluating your solution based on these scoring criteria, you'll be able to ensure that your solution meets the standards of the Worldwide AI Hackathon and be well on your way to getting that first place!
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